Vent Hood Filter Cleaning

Keep Your Indoor Air
With A Hood Healthy and Safe

Dirty vent hoods are responsible for several kinds of kitchen accidents. When flammable substances accumulate inside the kitchen hood, they lower the system’s efficiency and affect its overall hygiene.

Having Daily Facility Services LLC clean your Vent Hood Filter is one of the best ways to maintain proper function of your commercial kitchen’s ventilation system. Hire a professional to clean your vent hood filters weekly or daily, depending on how busy your commercial kitchen is. 

Vent hood filters easily become clogged with grease, and if not cleaned, your kitchen will be unable to breathe properly. Fortunately, we can examine and clean your vent hood filter, as well as replace it if necessary. This process lowers your energy expenditures because your system will not have to work as hard and thus will save on energy efficiency

A Professional Cleaning Job,
Every Single Time

Your filters may get so clogged with grease and dirtiness that it loses its efficiency over time, which is why it’s critical to clean these filters on a regular basis.

We are one of the industry’s largest commercial kitchen cleaning businesses, and we observe firsthand how rapidly filters become blocked and clogged. Hire us to do a job that only a professional would be able to do, we have the experience

Our skilled technicians care about the air quality in your business space, and because your kitchen is one of the warmest areas in your facility, it’s vital that your vent hood filters are cleaned and replaced on a regular basis.

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