Containment System

Your Grease Containment System
Can Make Or Break Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for a rooftop grease containment in Texas, you’ve found the right providers. 

Grease that builds up in commercial kitchen ventilation units can leak onto your roof, causing expensive damage or even deterioration. The accumulation of grease is a major fire hazard, and can be a violation of the EPA’s codes and standards when it combines with water runoff and seeps down into the sewer line. 

Fortunately, Daily Facility Services LLC can handle any grease problems you may have and get your building back up to code. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of grease containment solutions and services. We provide cleaning of grease traps to ensure your sewer system does not become blocked and to help reduce drainage problems and odors. 

Customize Your Grease
Containment System

Grease Containment Systems are available and may be customized to match the demands of any system. Each is intended to reduce the quantity of grease that accumulates on rooftops. 

When the system is serviced, the GCS is examined. To ensure efficacy, the pads are rotated or replaced. If you need a GCS, you may need to clean up the roof and any other impacted areas before installing it. Depending on the kind and condition of the system in operation, each GCS is either installed around the fan base or directly on the rooftop.

Restaurants that do a lot of frying are required to have a kitchen hood system. A kitchen hood system prevents smoke and grease from accumulating in the restaurant and running your customers out the door. When smoke and grease come into contact with each other, and the grease becomes hot enough, it can ignite.

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